The Survivors Fund "SEMMSF"  is an all-volunteer non-profit 501 c3 organization that helps to provide financial assistance to the motorcyclists and their families. Through community events and fundraisers, all funds raised are used to help riders and families of riders who have fallen on hard times due to their accident.

The SEMMSF, Inc. serves 42 Southeastern Massachusetts communities. This organization is not a club,  there is no membership.  It consists of a group of volunteers whose main goal is to assist victims of motorcycle accidents and their families.  To provide assistance to the survivors can involve helping to pay expenses, or if needed, just a shoulder to cry on.  

To do this, the SEMMSF holds an annual fundraiser's and events.  The monies raised goes into the SEMMSF's operating fund.  It is used for survivor benefits and to help promote safety and awareness in the motorcycle community.  

Over the years, people's responses have been wonderful and our events keep getting better each year.  The bigger the event gets, the more people become aware of safety issues, and the more riders can help riders.
Support from various motorcycle groups and individuals are always welcome and needed.  Businesses, especially those who have contact with the motorcycle community, are especially important, providing points of contact for collecting donations, promoting the survivor's fund and sponsoring events that directly help families in need.   All ideas and suggestions are welcome, and can be sent to the Board of Director's on this site

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Monthly Meeting of the SEMMSF

Open to the public - all welcome 
(Followed by a private Board of Directors meeting)

Meetings will resume in the Spring of 2017